I Am a Mental Health Patient – What Should I Expect?

Mental health problems including anxiety related disorders and depression, are extremely common but despite the fact that there are many people suffering there is still a lot stigma surrounding mental health issues and as such it’s not uncommon for an individual to try to battle it out on their own, keeping their thoughts and fears to themselves, in an attempt to avoid facing up to the fact that they need help.This will not only delay recovery but can make the symptoms of a mental health problem much worse. Being unable or unwilling to speak to ones family and friends about it can be an intensely isolating and frightening experience. Not only are you trying to struggle alone with everyday practical routines involving work, home and relationships, you are also trying to deal with what’s going on in your mind too.The truth is, nearly all types of mental health problems are treatable and the recovery time may be much shorter than what you would imagine provided you get the right help. The first step though has to come from you and that means accepting first of all that you have a problem and secondly, that you need help. So what can you expect as a mental health patient?How depression and other mental health problems are diagnosed?In the first instance have a word with your doctor as he or she is the best person to offer initial advice on what might be the best course of action and possible treatment options for you.Indeed, for many people, a visit to the doctor is the only step they ever need to take. Your doctor will be able to take into account your full medical history and your symptoms to rule out anything else that may be responsible for causing those symptoms. He or she will also be able to prescribe medication if that is considered appropriate and advise you on what to expect by way of side effects, or may recommend some form of talking therapy.If on the other hand your symptoms are more severe then your doctor may consider it necessary to refer you to a psychiatrist or other mental health professional for a more in depth assessment. Again, this is a positive step in the right direction as someone who is more qualified in mental health disorders will be able to provide you with the sort of help and treatment you need in order to get well again.What worries most people is the fear of what will happen if others know they are suffering with a mental health problem so they try to hide it. Most people who are suffering also have a lot of questions they would like answers to but have no one to ask. By putting yourself in the care of the right people you give yourself the best chance of making a full and complete recovery as quickly as possible.

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